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  • Building A Bond Between Species (B.A.B.B.S.) is a Washington nonprofit, currently in the process of obtaining Federal 501C3 status, that was founded in 2015 by five compassionate and passionate women in the Lewis & Clark Valley. Throughout their lives, each of these women have been involved with the rescue and rehabilitation of animals. As a result of the extensive background in animal care that these women bring to the organization, B.A.B.B.S. has positioned itself to address the foundational issues that lead to the need for animal rescue services, including regional animal auctions. And while there may always be a need for such facilities, services, and auctions, B.A.B.B.S. believes that the need can be minimized with a new approach. Each year, animal owners relinquish millions of horses, donkeys, mules and dogs to shelters, auctions and rescues across the country. B.A.B.B.S. believes that there are three primary reasons why these owners relinquish their animals: (1) Behavior issues that the owners are unable to correct on their own due to a lack of knowledge and/or a lack of funds needed to address the issues through professional assistance, (2) Temporary family financial hardship that bars the owner from being able to afford food and/or veterinary care, and (3) Guilt on the part of the owner for not spending adequate time with the animal(s). B.A.B.B.S. primary purpose is to address these issues through the provision of (1) Information, education and support, at no cost to the animal owners, (2) Food and emergency care to those experiencing temporary financial hardship and (3) Free clinics, activities and events designed to deepen the connection between equine and canine owners and their animals. Starting March 2016 we will be hosting educational clinics and activities.